Anis Allagui


Anis is an assistant professor at the National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT) and a business development consultant with more than 15 years of experience. He has an extensive background in vocational training, coaching for entrepreneurs and business advisory in fields related to marketing, eco-entrepreneurship, venture creation and project management.

He is particularly skilled at group facilitation and enjoys working with people with diverging ideas and opinions.

Anis has managed a broad array of academic and professional projects in industries ranging from innovation management and marketing research, to education and social entrepreneurship.

Anis has founded A.B.M. Consulting, Inc. and counted among its customers GIZ Tn (German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation in Tunisia), CITET (International Center of Environmental Technologies of Tunis),

EU and EY (Ernest&Young Advisory Services). Prior to joining ENIT and launched A.B.M., he worked as a research analyst and a brand manager at Samsung Electronics.

Anis holds a Bachelor and MSc Marketing degrees from the Higher Institute of Management of Tunis and a PhD in Business Administration from the Faculty of Economics and Management of Tunis. He has been a fellow of numerous education and professional certification programs in International Business, Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Columbia University, Harvard Business School, M.I.T., State University of New York and Mines ParisTech.