Fatma M’Selmi


Fatma M’Selmi has a Master degree in Strategic Management. She has over 12 years of management experience with EU institutions and monitoring of complex consulting projects. With the German Cooperation for development (GIZ), she worked as an innovation expert and responsible for a delegated cooperation with the European Union with a budget of 700.000 Euros during 2014. She also worked on economic women development and developed strategies, managed and supervised their implementations in partnership with Tunisian Ministries and the European Union.

She managed the “challenge” network project who aims to support the competitiveness of the region of Sfax (in the south of Tunisia) through innovation and entrepreneurship promotion and networking with SMEs, public organizations, universities and research institutions. As a result; potential clusters were identified, strategic plans were established, innovation agendas were build up and communication channels between all partners and decisions makers on the regional level were opened.

At the national level, she developed a pilot Innovation management training course and an innovation toolbox after studying the needs of Tunisian SMEs. She also worked with several enterprises to implement the innovation management system.

After completion of the course and the practical training inside SMEs, a group of private consultants formed a network of innovation management and sustainable development consultants and created a website in order to better market their services to the customers

She also supported, through a strategy and an action plan, the technology transfer and spin-offs creation. Collaborative research contracts were established between some enterprises and Research Institutions (RI), RI can now better market their services and research results.